California Central Registry

The California Central Registry (CCR) was implemented in 1988 to comply with federal regulations requiring each state to provide a single point for the submission and processing of intergovernmental child support enforcement cases. CCR analysts review the documents submitted with the case for completeness. In addition, the CCR analysts review incoming child support enforcement referrals that are received via the federal Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) Child Support Enforcement Network (CSENet) interface.

Within 10 working days of receiving the request for services from the initiating agency, CCR acknowledges receipt of the case and requests additional information from the initiating agency, if necessary. In addition, CCR opens an interstate responding case in the statewide automated Child Support Enforcement (CSE) system and forwards the case documents to the local child support agency to take the next action. CCR also serves as liaison to all interstate and international partners and responds to case status inquiries from initiating agencies within five (5) working days of receipt.

CCR also responds to requests from the 24 foreign jurisdictions that have reciprocal agreements at either the State or Federal level and processes direct applications from non-reciprocating countries.