CS Training and Certification Program Overview

The Statewide Training Program (STP) is a collaborative effort between the Department of Child Support Services (DCSS), the Local Child Support Agencies (LCSAs) and the California Child Support Director’s Association (CSDA) for developing and delivering training to California Child Support Professionals. A professional, comprehensive, and uniform training program for both DCSS and local child support agencies is an essential element in achieving our overall child support program vision.

The opportunity for child support program staff to build professional competencies is an important performance measure. The skill and manner in which staff delivers services directly impacts the overall effectiveness of the child support program and directly translates to the quality of services to the public.


Develop and deliver a comprehensive and cost effective statewide child support training program supporting Program initiatives, increasing efficiency and improving Program performance.


The STP envisions a statewide standardized training program available to all child support professionals throughout the State to ensure services are provided to the public in a uniform, efficient and effective manner. In order to accomplish this, the STP will adhere to the following goals:

  • To ensure that all staff working in the California child support program has the skills to do their job efficiently and effectively.
  • To ensure the California child support program is being administered in a uniform and cost effective manner throughout the State.
  • To ensure local child support agencies have the tools, materials, and procedures to meet expected statewide performance measures.
  • To ensure everyone who works in the California child support program has uniform tools to provide accurate and consistent information to all customers.
  • To ensure individuals and agencies interfacing with, or served by the California child support program are appropriately informed about the program through education and outreach efforts.
  • To ensure changes to the CCSAS or any program or policy changes affecting the local child support agencies are delivered to the LCSAs in an efficient and timely manner.


  • DCSS will provide state leadership in collaboration with the LCSAs and the CSDA to establish and operate a professional, high quality training program for California’s child support program.
  • The STP will have uniform training curricula available to child support professionals throughout the State in order to provide accurate and consistent information to all customers.
  • DCSS will partner with the Statewide Training Steering Committee (STSC), composed of key representatives from the DCSS, LCSAs, and the CSDA and the Procedures and Curriculum Development Review Team (PCDRT), composed of LCSA and State representatives, to design, implement, and deliver an effective training program.
  • Existing training materials developed by the LCSAs which are models of excellence will be used to develop statewide training materials whenever possible.
  • A variety of methods will be used to deliver training to meet the needs of child support professionals.
  • The training program will be continuously evaluated for quality improvement to improve the program and keep it evolving due to its dynamic nature.
  • All training will be implemented using the Instructional Systems Design (ISD) methodology of Diagnose, Design, Develop, Deliver, and Determine.