Electronic Fund Transfer- ACH Credit

EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) - EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) using the standard child support addendum record - ACH (Automated Clearing House) credit.

The employer initiates the transmission of a file to the SDU which contains all of the employer’s child support withholding data. This type of EFT transfers the withheld support payments along with data via the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network. This option requires the use of a standard record specification for child support payments.

To enroll in this service, the employer needs to coordinate with the SDU. Complete the SDU EFT Enrollment Form and return it to the address specified. For more information on EFT/EDI, please contact the SDU Electronic Help Desk at 1-866-901-3212. You can also find more information about it at: or in the California State Disbursement Unit EFT Guide. Note that in many instances, there is a bank cost associated with this option. Be sure to check with your bank.

Why choose this option?

  • Choose this option if you do not allow debits of your bank account for security purposes. This option provides the controls many employers want or need.
  • Choose this option if you have payroll software from one of the major software providers; most large software products support child support EFT/EDI payments.