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Dear Employers:

Thank you for visiting our website and for your interest in updating your company information. Maintaining accurate employer information with the California Department of Child Support Services benefits employers by ensuring notices are sent to the proper location and preventing issuance of duplicate notices. The information you provide will be used to issue Income Withholding Orders, Medical Support Notices and Employment Verifications to the appropriate addresses and individuals. This information will not be shared with any outside agency. Thank you for your participation and for keeping us informed.

Update your information using the Employer Information Update Form.


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In The Know

  • Access the Employer Resource Center with the CAChildSup mobile app

  • This mobile application will facilitate easy and secure “one touch access” to several child support resources such as Customer Connect, the SDU, the Employer Resource Center, LCSA Details and offline questions and answers regarding employer related Child Support Services. Learn more at:
  • Benefits of using e-IWO to process income withholding orders:

  • Reduced costs – no manual processing and mailing paper documents.
  • Fewer errors than can occur with a manual process.
  • Less time from preparation to employer implementation.
  • Improved communication between child support agencies and employers.
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