Employers Payment Benefits

Employers that comply with child support laws directly benefit their communities as follows:

  • By wage withholding employers help improve the financial stability of families.
  • When enrolling dependent children in health insurance, it increasing access to preventive health care.
  • Child support collections help prevent families from going on welfare.
  • For families already on welfare, their child support collections help reimburse state costs.
  • Federal and state agencies use new hire employment information to reduce overpayments in public assistance, unemployment and disability insurance, and workers’ compensation benefits.

Payment Features for employers:

  • Electronic payment options make it easy for employers to pay online.
  • All payments can be sent to one centralized location.
  • County managed (IV-D) and privately managed (non-IV-D) payments can be made at one time.
  • Other features are available on the SDU website.