National Medical Support Notice Procedures

Step 1. Within 10 business days of receiving an NMSN, the employer must notify the employee named and provide him/her with a blank form titled, Request and Notice of Hearing Regarding Health Insurance Assignment (FL 478).  The employer must also provide the instructions form (FL 478 INFO).  These forms must be obtained online.

Step 2. Within 20 business days of receiving an NMSN, the employer must forward instructions to enroll the employee’s children to the health care plan administrator.

Step 3. Within 40 business days, the employer must furnish the Local Child Support Agency a description of the coverage available, along with any forms required to activate coverage or claim benefits. This information should be submitted on the Health Insurance Information (DCSS 0054) form which must be obtained online.

For more information, visit the National Medical Support Notice section in the employer handbook: California Child Support, A Guide for Business.