Reporting Terminations

When an employee with a child support obligation through a local child support agency leaves your company, notify the LCSA as soon as possible following the termination date. A termination occurs if the employee quits, retires, is fired or laid off.

Note: Employer SHALL NOT use an Order/Notice as grounds for refusing to hire a person of for taking disciplinary action against an employee. Employers could face civil penalties if they do so.

How to Report Terminations

There are two ways to notify your local child support agency (LCSA) of a termination.

When an employee retires, the federal agency should notify the state Child Support Enforcement (CSE) agency of the termination and the name and address of the Federal payroll agency/processing center responsible for paying the retirement benefit. To avoid interruptions in payment to the employee's child and accrual of arrears, the employee may choose to make his/her own payments directly to the local child support agency until the retirement processing center receives a new income withholding order.

States using the National Medical Support Notice (NMSN) may require that additional information on medical support or insurance be reported, primarily to avoid interruption of medical coverage for the employee's child.

  • Notify the local child support agency (LCSA) within 10 business days of any lapse of health care coverage, including:
    • The reason for lapse in coverage
    • Whether the lapse is temporary
    • If the lapse is temporary, the date coverage will resume
    • The effective date of the lapse in coverage

This information should be submitted to the LCSA on the Termination of Benefits/Employment Notice (DCSS 0114) which must be obtained online.

When to Stop Withholding for Child Support

Do not stop withholding for child support until one of the following occurs:

  • Official notification to stop withholding is received from the issuing local agency,
  • The employee is terminated, for whatever reason (including retirement or death), or
  • Bankruptcy proceedings are underway and a bankruptcy trustee takes over the withholding.

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