Two Ways to Report Lump Sum Payments through OCSE

Report bonus or lump sum payments prior to payout by contacting the Department of Child Support Services at or 916-464-6640. The state of California does participate in the Debt Inquiry Service. For more information on how employers can participate click here.

  1. Electronic Income Withholding for Support Order Process
    The Electronic Income Withholding for Support Order (e-IWO) process enables states and employers to exchange information about IWOs including employers notifying states about an upcoming bonus/lump sum payment. See Electronic Income Withholding for additional information about e-IWO.
  2. Debt Inquiry Service
    The Debt Inquiry Service (DIS) enables employers to provide information about employees who are eligible to receive a bonus, lump sum or other type of payout online using a web application. See Debt Inquiry Service for additional information about DIS.


In The Know

  • Access the Employer Resource Center with the CAChildSup mobile app

  • This mobile application will facilitate easy and secure “one touch access” to several child support resources such as Customer Connect, the SDU, the Employer Resource Center, LCSA Details and offline questions and answers regarding employer related Child Support Services. Learn more at:
  • Benefits of using e-IWO to process income withholding orders:

  • Reduced costs – no manual processing and mailing paper documents.
  • Fewer errors than can occur with a manual process.
  • Less time from preparation to employer implementation.
  • Improved communication between child support agencies and employers.
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