Driver License Release Opportunity

Driver License Release Process

Why are Driver Licenses Suspended?

Under California law, parents required to pay court ordered child support must pay on time and in full. If the payment is late or is not paid in full, the Department of Child Support Services (DCSS) can suspend or withhold a California driver license.

When the parent required to pay child support is 30 days or more delinquent, their name is submitted by DCSS to the DMV for suspension of their license. DMV sends a letter giving the parent 150 days to work with DCSS to pay their past due support. If payment isn’t made, the driver license suspension will take place.

Note: If a notice of intent to suspend has been sent in the past, the license will automatically be suspended when a child support payment is late or not paid in full.

How can I get my license released?

If your driver license has been suspended due to non-payment of child support, call your local child support agency to discuss a possible license release. You can find the location of your local child support agency at: or by calling: (866) 901-3212.