Director's Biography

Kathleen Hrepich, Interim Director

Kathleen Hrepich

Interim Director
California Department of Child Support Services (DCSS)


Welcome to the DCSS Website. As Interim Director I want the customers of the child support program to have easy access to the information and services of other programs serving families, mothers and fathers and children. This concept is called Family Centered Child Support Services.

The Child Support program serves one in five California children. Our primary focus continues to be on improving collections, customer service, and overall performance of the program. We think it makes for a more effective program to build strong connections between our program and other programs serving children and families. Providing easy access to resources and information across a range of services that focus on families is consistent with our DCSS core values of commitment to children and families and cooperative partnerships. DCSS is providing easy links to programs that can assist with job search, fatherhood, family violence awareness, and options for health care coverage. We hope that you find these links helpful as you access the services you need for your family to be healthy, successful, and financially self-sufficient.

Biography of Interim Director Kathleen Hrepich

Kathleen Hrepich has served as Interim Director for the State Department of Child Support Services (DCSS) since April 1, 2011. Ms. Hrepich was appointed Deputy Director and Chief Counsel for the State DCSS on January 4, 2009, and continues to also serve in that capacity.

Prior to state service Ms. Hrepich was Director of the Sierra Nevada Regional Department of Child Support Services and previously served as the Chief Deputy District Attorney for the Nevada County District Attorney’s Office prior to the creation of the local child support agency. Ms. Hrepich was employed by Nevada County for ten years.

Ms. Hrepich served as the Family Support Director for the California District Attorneys Association and was a Deputy District Attorney in both Amador and Del Norte County. Ms. Hrepich has been a licensed attorney in California since 1981.