Director's Biography

Biography of Director Alisha Griffin

Alisha Griffin is the Director of the California Department of Child Support Services. She has been with the child support program for more than seventeen years and came to child support with many years in public and private family services, including child welfare, child protection, rehabilitation and therapeutic service systems. She most recently assumed leadership of the California Child Support program after leading New Jersey, since the implementation of PRWORA. While in New Jersey she successfully led the design, procurement, implementation and management of the first “second generation” national model child support automated system, including substantial pre and post change management strategies. It is considered one of the most successful reengineering of a completely new system in a HHS domain. Additional focus on practice improvements and ensuring efficient and effective service delivery resulted in a comprehensive streamlining of all collections and disbursement systems and overarching fiscal management coordinated with revamping customer service through creating a centralized comprehensive “one stop” quality driven service model, with comprehensive performance metrics. She also has a strong portfolio of experience in direct service programming, policy analysis and development and advocacy focused on quality service delivery to children and families.


Ms. Griffin has chaired, participated and worked on many national workgroups, designed several model programs both in the child support and child welfare arenas. She has served as Past President of the National Child Support Enforcement Association (NCSEA) and the National Council of Child Support Directors (NCCSD). She currently serves on NCSEA’s International and Policy and Government Relations committees. She serves on the Executive Council of NCCSD and the chair of the subcommittee on Medical Support which is addressing issues related to child support and the impact of implementation of the Affordable Care Act. 


She represented NCSEA for all five years as a member of the delegation to the Hague Private Law Convention on Child Maintenance and Family Support and served as an observer/ program advisor to NCCSUL on the revisions to UIFSA to incorporate the new convention into US laws. Because of her expertise she was invited to testify to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on the Hague Convention and its benefits to the US children and families.


Ms. Griffin continues her dedication to families and community on several other levels. She has also served as President and Senior Advisor for the National Family Preservation Network (NFPN), providing leadership on grant acquisition, media relations and fatherhood services and helped NFPN acquire numerous grants to further the work of preserving and strengthening families. Ms. Griffin has a Masters in both Clinical and Community Psychology.