COAP Eligibility List

The Local Child Support Agency (LCSA) determines the noncustodial Parent's (NCP's) eligibility for COAP in accordance with specific eligibility criteria including the following:

  • Minimum amount of Permanently Assigned Child Support Arrears (up to the Unreimbursed Assistance Pool amount) owed to the government of at least $501.
  • No previous denial of COAP within one year prior to the date of denial letter.
  • No rescission of a previous COAP agreement within two years prior to the date of rescission notice.
  • No conviction or contempt finding for failure to pay child support within six months prior to the date of application.
  • No intentional failure to pay in anticipation of COAP.
  • The NCP does not have the ability to pay off all arrears owed, including interest, within three years from the date of application.
  • Ability to pay current support, arrears owed that are to be distributed prior to the arrears owed to the government and the arrears repayment amount as provided in the compromise agreement within a three-year period from the date of the Agreement from any source (e.g. gift, loan, income).
  • No concealment of any income, assets, or any reasonably anticipated income or assets, and no intentional withholding or falsifying of financial information.

If the NCP fails to meet the eligibility criteria, he/she is ineligible to participate in COAP. The LCSA informs the NCP that the application has been denied by sending the NCP a completed “Notice of Denial of Request for Compromise of Arrears.” The LCSA also records the reason for the denial and the date the denial letter is sent to the NCP.