Family Reunification Compromise of Arrears Program (FR-COAP)

The FR-COAP has been in place through existing regulations AB 1449, Chapter 463, Statutes of 2001.  This bill established a program by which non-custodial parents (NCP), also referred to as obligor parent, may compromise assigned arrearages and interest owed for reimbursement of certain public assistance payments paid for a child placed in foster care, or with a relative caretaker or guardian.

The purpose of the compromise is to reduce the financial hardships on the obligor parent in cases where the child has returned to that parent and the parent continues to have a financial responsibility to support the minor child as defined in Family Code 3901.   NCPs interested in FR-COAP should contact the LCSA managing their child support case. For contact information, click here.

A Compromise of Assigned Arrearages is an agreement between the obligor parent and the Local Child Support Agency (LCSA).  The agreement will reduce the court ordered child support debt (arrears and interest) which accrued during the time the child was separated or was considered deserted by the child’s parent and that it resulted in aid paid for the child in the form of AFDC-FC, CalWorks or KinGAP. 

If an NCP indicates that he or she is seeking a further compromise under California Family Code section 17560(8) (1) (B), the LCSA may contact COAP Help if assistance is needed.