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The Administrative Review process is available through the California Department of Child Support Services for a select group of individuals owing or receiving child support.

To request an Administrative Review, the following three (3) provisions must be met:

  • The individual must not have an open child support case with a local child support agency,
  • There must be a private wage assignment which is processed through the California State Disbursement Unit (SDU), and
  • An attempt to resolve the collection/disbursement issue through the State Disbursement Unit (SDU) has failed.

If the three provisions above are met, either the custodial party (CP) or a noncustodial parent (NCP) may request an administrative review regarding the SDU collection and/or disbursement issues they believe have not been adequately addressed through contact with an SDU Call Center representative.

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  • The Administrative Review process will not work if there is an open case at a local child support agency. The issues must be resolved using the complaint resolution process through the agency.
  • The Administrative Review process will not address court orders or enforcement actions. See the Family Law Facilitator at the local courthouse, an advocate, or a lawyer for help in resolving these concerns.

Please provide all the necessary information regarding your issue on the downloadable form and mail your request to the address provided, as soon as possible.

When DCSS completes the Administrative Review, you will receive a response, in writing, within fifteen (15) state working days from the date the Department received your request. If more information or time is needed, a DCSS representative may contact you to request another fifteen (15) state working days to prepare the response.

All information you provide will be treated as confidential and will be protected as required by law. For additional information on the Administrative Review process, as well as other free services offered through the local child support agencies, visit the DCSS website at

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Administrative Review Package

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