Financial Institution Data Match (FIDM)

Important Information

The California Department of Child Support Services (DCSS) and their FIDM processor, Informatix, manages quarterly Financial Institution Data Match (FIDM) filing.

If you are a financial institution and have questions related to the FIDM program, please contact:

  • Paul Peters, FIDM Deputy Project Manager, Informatix, Inc. at (877) 965-3436 ext. 4757
  • Juan Martinez, DCSS at (916) 464-6589

Frequently Asked Questions

What is FIDM?
The Financial Institution Data Match (FIDM) Program was created from federal legislation passed in 1996. FIDM requires state child support agencies to enter into agreements with financial institutions to identify accounts of child support debtors through a match process. DCSS in conjunction with Informatix is responsible for managing the FIDM Program in California, and we conduct quarterly matches with hundreds of single-state financial institutions operating in the state. We may issue liens or levies against those accounts to collect past-due child support.
Which financial institutions are subject to participation in the match process?

A financial institution for FIDM purposes is defined as any of the following:

  • Depository institution.
  • Institution-affiliated party.
  • Federal or state credit union (including an institution-affiliated party of a credit union).
  • Benefit association, insurance company, safety deposit company, or money market mutual fund.
  • Any other similar entity authorized to do business in the state.
What types of accounts are included in the match process?

An account for FIDM purposes means any:

  • Demand deposit account.
  • Share or share draft account.
  • Checking or negotiable withdrawal order account.
  • Savings account.
  • Time deposit account.
  • Money market mutual fund account, whether or not the account bears interest.
Does the data match law protect a financial institution from liability if it fully complies with the requirements?

If a financial institution fully complies with the requirements, it is protected from liability when it performs the following functions:

  • Discloses information to DCSS.
  • Encumbers or surrenders any assets held by such financial institution in response to a notice of lien or levy (including an Order to Withhold) issued by DCSS.
  • Any other action taken in good faith to comply with the data match requirements.
Reporting "No Matches" or "No Updates"
  • Method type
  • Quarter
  • Institution FEIN
  • Contact person
  • Contact person phone number
  • Contact person email address
  • Transmitter name

NOTE:Do not submit a file to Informatix if the data match process results in no matches or updates.